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Who We Are

Welcome to Soaring Independence!

We became certified in December of 2015 as a provider organization and launched with four team members in March of 2016. Since then, we have added many more Direct Support Professionals’ to our team, many of which offer specialized services. We offer a variety of supports which include: community inclusion, employment services, group day support, respite, community living and chore services. Our overall goal is to support our client’s human right to autonomy and independence. We offer one to one support’s, promoting individual goals. We offer group supports, promoting social skills. We have a lot of fun in the community and enjoy volunteering and participating in social activities like, dances, beach trips, snow/mountain trips, camping, picnics, parades, club events, birthday parties and much more.

As an employee you may assist multiple clients with skill building that encourages independence, empowerment and confidence. Employees may support clients with locating resources and programs that can include emergency needs that require immediate safety supports. For example: Domestic Violence, Housing, Medical, Food/Clothing Resources and/or Counseling Supports. Employee’s may assist clients in preparing for employment opportunities using multiple avenues i.e. volunteering, discovery and job coaching. Employee’s may support clients with diabetes; including weight loss and nutritional meal planning. We teach clients how to budget, pay bills independently and to make good financial choices.

My name is Joan, I am the Director of Soaring Independence. I’d like to share a little of my background and vision. I provide life skill supports to adults with developmental disabilities using coaching methods I have learned and developed over the last thirty years. My experiences include work in diverse communities, to include social services, volunteering, customer service, retail and professional business management. I have a strong background in management, coaching and skill building. I have lead and organized training programs that have partnered with many community organizations. My education and many years of experience in these multifaceted areas allow me to give the best service possible to employees and clients. My vision is to lead a team that provides the best service to our clients and to encourage clients to seek autonomy, independence and to actively participate in their community.


Life Skills:

A skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life.


The feeling of great joy or pride, or of exultant gladness.


The act or process of developing; growth and progress.


Freedom from external control or influence; independence.


A short term service; a process that begins prior to specific employment planning and is grounded in community-based experiences that are tailored to the person’s skills, interests and talents


That all people, regardless of their abilities, disabilities or health care needs, have a right to: Be respected and appreciated as valuable members of their communities.